Relationships & Results

"Synergy does not just add your project to their workload, when they take on a project, they invest themselves in it. It provides me a lot of peace of mind knowing that when I am working with the Synergy team, I am getting a team who wants to help my community as much as I do."
—Kohl Parrott
Larimer County Emergency Management Coordinator
"Synergy staff is very detail oriented and has taken on a large workload for our staff including preparing and tracking our projects related to the storm. The team is a valued asset in recovering our funds following Hurricane Michael."
—Angela Bradley
Bay County, FL Transit Program Administrator
"I highly recommend this firm...and would work with them again without hesitation"
—Lori Hodges
Larimer County, CO Director of Emergency Management
"Although we were somewhat prepared (plan, contracts, etc.); without Synergy’s help, the enormous amount of requirements and overall necessary preparations for the next hurdle" would have probably taken us down a road that would be hard, if not somewhat impossible, to overcome. In my opinion, the call to you for assistance was "by far" the best decision we made."
—Don Murray
Bay County, FL General Services Director
"We are appreciative not only all your efforts thus far in the local and regional planning efforts but also the recent workshop. That type of adaptability and the willingness to push forward brought good feedback and had people reach out who were not so engaged before. Building the trust and relationships amongst these people is the key to emergency management being successful not just in recovery but as a whole."
—Brandon Lenderink
City of Aurora, CO Emergency Management Specialist

Relationships Lead to Results

Unmasking the Mysteries Behind Covid-19

Following the worst pandemic in American history, the Synergy team facilitated targeted training throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This specialized approach expedited the COVID-19 streamlined project grant application process for applicants statewide.

Community Recovery Planning During Disaster Response

Beginning early into the COVID-19 pandemic, the Synergy Team provided long-term recovery planning support to Larimer County, Colorado. This whole-community planning process showcases how local governments can continually engage their public during recovery planning efforts, and best prepare for pending recovery funding opportunities.

Naples Botantical Garden Blooms

In another successful recovery effort, the Synergy Team assisted Naples Botanical Garden after Hurricane Irma’s devastation. Future recovery efforts will be able to blossom, as the PNP (Private Non-Profit) was able to purchase and retain equipment purchased for recovery efforts.

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