Einstein once said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them."

Synergy's ethos is "Setting the New Standard" in disaster recovery. We strive to exceed our client's expectations. Our firm is dedicated to elevating the status quo by pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. We are innovators who are continuously seeking opportunities to optimize performance and maximize results.

Explore how leveraging our Capabilities, Innovation, Collaboration and Relationships have led our client's success nationwide.

Experience Matters

Synergy Disaster Recovery specializes in innovative disaster recovery solutions that provide essential resources to state and local governments to prepare for and recover from disasters.


When you engage Synergy Disaster Recovery you gain the benefit of our seasoned experience nationwide, including over $2 Billion reimbursed and 400 communities served.

Without innovation we cannot advance

The ability to think outside of the box and present solutions that others may not have considered is what sets the Synergy team apart.

At Synergy, our ideas don’t always come in the form of something new; it’s about a different way to address an old problem. Our strategic methods and critical thinking has led to several innovative breakthroughs that have benefited our clients.


The strength of each member is the team

Our team, represents a variety of backgrounds, skill sets, experience and perspectives. We leverage this diversity to find new opportunities and solutions.

At Synergy, we know from years of shared experience that the combined effort of our exceptional people is greater than any one individual. Our team, which includes our clients, collaborates to find the best customized solutions resulting in unprecedented success.


Relationships lead to results

A focus on building strong, trusted relationships leads to better results. Our clients tell us again and again that our commitment to their community’s complete recovery is what sets Synergy apart.