Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is more than just Grants Management. It’s about knowing what you have to do, who is actually going to do it, how to get it done.

Synergy’s Disaster Recovery comprehensive services include:

Grant Management

The Synergy Team is well versed in all types of Federal disaster recovery grants and programs including, FEMA (PA, HMGP, PDM and FMAG), HUD (CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT), NRCS (EWP), FHWA (ER), as well as state and local grants. Our team of experts are with you every step of the way to ensure your best interests are represented, from project formulation and reporting to compliance and closeout and everything in between.

Our proprietary Syntrax Recovery Process has yielded unparalleled Grant Management results including:

  • The 1st project obligated overall and 1st Cat A – Debris for Hurricane Irma
  • The 1st project reimbursed after Hurricane Irma
  • Formulation of projects 3x’s faster than FEMA counterparts in State-led disaster for Kentucky Emergency Management (KYEM)
  • The largest advancement in the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM)
  • No adverse Office of the Inspector General (OIG) audit findings

Kickoff Meeting

Upon activation of our engagement, the kickoff meeting is the first step. The meeting provides all parties with a mutual understanding of the scope, milestones and deliverables of the project. Often it is the first interaction with both internal and external stakeholders and ensures that the right people are at the table. This meeting also allows us to more clearly identify needs and overcome recovery hurdles before they ever present themselves, resulting in a smoother recovery.

Advance Team

From information gleaned in the kickoff meeting, an Advance Team can hit the ground running with boots on the ground. This team can provide subject matter expertise while speaking the same language as our client’s counterparts resulting in an efficient, expedited and more economical recovery. Our finance experts can serve in an EOC, provide cashflow management technical assistance, advise on documentation procedures and everything in between. Additionally, we provide experts proficient in Debris Management, Procurement, Documentation and Engineering. We prefer to integrate ourselves and augment your already thriving system, encapsulating the very definition of synergy – combining to produce a greater effect than the sum of its parts.

Grant Formulation

Our knowledge of how to formulate grants effectively has set the standard around the nation on some of the largest disasters, whether is it utilizing historical precedent, grant friendly language in applications, or providing documentation that is exactly what is needed when it is needed in a digestible and context friendly format. We put together a comprehensive strategy for each project to ensure your goals are met and take into account insurance, mitigation, special funding options, environmental and historical considerations and other aspects.

Grant Management and Reporting

Completing the grant application process and receiving approval, is only half the process. Once you have funding, certain aspects need to be followed for the grant to remain compliant so the funding may be retained. Our SynTrax Recovery Process allows for each grant to track expenses/reimbursement and scope changes while ensuring compliance and reporting requirements.

Grant Closeout

The last piece of the grant lifecycle is closeout, which includes support for appeals and audits. The SynTrax Recovery Process fosters a “close as you go” approach reducing the duplication of effort, minimizes risk, and shortens project closeout. Our process includes progress audits, memos of explanation and a standardized workbook providing consistency and great strides in lessening the need for appeals and the risk of audit findings.

Project Hand-Off

Lastly, our work is your work. At the end of an engagement, we deliver all records to you on a portable hard drive in an easy to navigate, consistent format-while also keeping all records in the cloud. Additionally, an integral part of The Synergy Way is ensuring our clients are more capable then when we begin our relationship. Throughout our engagement we foster an environment of ongoing professional development among our staff to be more prepared and armed to take on the next event.

Staff Augmentation

We understand that your staff had full-time jobs before an event and that your workload just gets bigger afterwards. Disasters can stretch your workforce’s bandwidth and affect its ability to respond effectively.

Our team provides tailored support where and when you need it most. Whether its financial services, engineering support, procurement assistance or other backing, our team of experienced professionals integrates seamlessly with yours.

Cash Flow Management

Every disaster has a significant financial impact. Synergy works with your community to avoid a secondary disaster in the wake of the initial disaster. We pride ourselves on being able to effectively and efficiently assist with cash flow management during your community’s time of need. Whether it is identifying loans, stretching lines of credit, or maximizing grant opportunities, our team of financial experts will work with you to put forth the strategy that best fits you and your community

Identify & Document Damages

After a disaster, the last thing you want to do is to leave money on the table. Knowing what needs to be collected and how the damages are presented can greatly expedite the recovery process. Our team of experts can help you identify all eligible damages, perform the necessary assessments and site inspections ensuring you maximize your recovery.