Monitoring the Monitor

The Synergy Team’s diligence under the PA Program has changed the way we approach debris projects, in terms of monitoring field activities and administering the compliance with the FEMA grant.

We employ a program we call “Monitoring the Monitor”TM. The program is a system Synergy developed to provide oversight and QA/QC measures to ensure that the contractors hired for your debris operations are following required procedures and documenting their work so that the client is not only reimbursed for their costs, but eventually is able to retain their reimbursement as well.

Monitoring the Monitor proved its value during the largest locally led debris mission in FEMA’s history: ground zero of Hurricane Michael in Bay County, FL.

The diligence of the process was instrumental in securing an unprecedented $143.7M in advanced funding for the County’s debris operation. QA/QC measures revealed and saved Bay County millions in erroneous billings and potential costs that would not be reimbursed if paid for.