Debris Management

The Synergy Team uniquely provides both field work and administration of debris related activities. Our experience and expertise on both sides of debris missions provides our clients with an unparalleled level of comfort for what may be your biggest expense in the months following a disaster.

Debris Monitoring

In order for communities to stay compliant with FEMA, monitoring of debris removal activities is required. For more than a decade state and local governments have relied on the Synergy Team to manage and document the disaster debris removal process to ensure compliance with stringent and ever-evolving FEMA requirements.

Debris Oversight

Often we are not the debris monitor but tasked to oversee debris operations. In this regard, we couple our debris monitoring experience with our diligence under the PA Program to ensure that your debris contractors are operating in your best interest. We call this program “Monitoring the Monitor” ™.

The unmatched Monitoring the Monitor program has been utilized on some of the nation’s catastrophic disasters and largest debris missions. The results of the implementation of the program have resulted in saving clients millions of dollars of erroneous billings and expedited funding for costs incurred in unprecedented ways.